Beautiful You

Posted by Maria Tarnev-Wydro, HD founder of Essona Organics on 8/14/2016

Beautiful You

Our society has been obsessed with beauty for as long as records have been kept. Today, aesthetic appeal seems to be valued above all else and at all costs; we are routinely bombarded with images in magazines, posters, social media, newspapers, movies and television shows all telling us what we should look like.

Every day we are sold the idea that we are fundamentally imperfect. ‘Beauty’ we are told, amounts to a very specific set of physical attributes; we are manipulated to believe that in order to be happy and accepted by others, we need to have higher cheek bones, longer legs, a smaller nose, bigger eyes, fuller lips, slimmer hips, thicker hair; a flatter stomach… the list is literally endless and the goal posts are always moving!

Consequently, when we look in the mirror anything we see which does not meet today’s exacting beauty standards is considered a flaw. How many of us have looked at ourselves and silently wished

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