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My mission is to inspire each of you to take a step to restore and rejuvenate your skin, your health...

Unlock your full potential.    

Maria Tarnev-Wydro HD, Founder, Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine, Bachelor of Science - Health and Wellness, Diploma of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, New York Licensed Esthetician (skin care specialist).

Maria is the Founder and President of Essona Organics, Inc. She was born in Europe and has brought her European-style skin care and nutrition to the USA. Years of research and health education led her to develop products that truly produce results, are truly eco-green and truly organic.


Having grown up in Bulgaria, Maria was surrounded by the sweet scents of flowers, pure, mineral spring water, wild herbs, fresh organic fruits and vegetables, and the essence of the Black Sea.

At age 15 Maria attended the President’s Music Conservatory (Bulgaria), which is located in the beautiful Rodopa Mountains. She was influenced by the simple, pure, organic lifestyles of the local mountain people. After graduation from the Conservatory, she was married and became the mother of 3 boys while attending the Music University of Pedagogy. While raising her children, she learned about herbal healing and nutrition from famous European healers and learned how to create natural remedies to heal herself, her children, friends and family.

In 1990 she came to the USA. After 1 year, she enrolled in college as a science major. She decided to embrace the American lifestyle and SAD (Standard American Diet). This diet did not agree with her and she and her children became ill. She was able to heal herself and her children when she changed her diet back to the simple, pure nutrition she knew. This led her to pursue a degree in Health and Wellness, which she earned from Buffalo State College.


In 1995 she opened the first European-style health and beauty spa in the Buffalo NY area. This allowed her to help hundreds of people with their concerns about health, wellness and beauty. While researching the “professional” skin care lines, she found that many of them used questionable and even harmful ingredients derived from petrochemicals (petroleum, mineral oils, aggressive cleansers, carcinogens, allergens etc).

Since she could not find anything on the market that agreed with her philosophy of natural wellness, she decided to formulate her own product line. She worked for 5 years with a team of award-winning, European cosmetic scientists, known for their revolutionary skin care formulations, before offering it to the public. Essona Organics is the fruit of this work. (Essona means “Essence of Nature”).

Using only the finest organic and natural ingredients, rich in nutrients, vitamins and vital antioxidants, ensure that Essona Organics offers only unique, gentle and effective products that work synergistically with your body to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and to give your skin a smooth, healthy youthful appearance. You will notice the difference!


Her own numerous health challenges led her to research the very best and latest nutritional science to develop powerful nutritional formulations to address the most common health concerns. All nutritional products are made to work in concert with the body to allow it heal itself. Essona nutritional products are formulated to support the health of your bones, digestion, brain, heart, immune and lymph systems.

"The journey to organic beauty and wellness begins here, with products that you can trust, to make you look and feel younger, naturally."

Thank you for choosing Essona Organics.

Inner Health, Outer Beauty!

Thank you, God Bless….
Maria Tarnev Wydro HD

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