Organic Rice Milk Powder 100% Pure
Organic Rice Milk Powder 100% Pure

Organic Rice Milk Powder 100% Pure

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Essona Organics Organic Rice Milk Powder (concentrated powder) Allergen-free alternative to powdered or liquid dairy milk containing whole grain nutrition in a convenient powder. Naturally free of dairy, lactose, cholesterol and gluten. It contains all of the proteins, bran oils, vitamins, fiber and carbohydrates found in whole, unpolished brown rice. It is a vegetarian and vegan alternative to dairy milk.

According to Wikipedia, 
Rice milk is the least allergenic among plant milks, and may be consumed by people who are lactose intolerant, allergic to soy or milk.

Great for children and those wishing to have a nutritious vegan drink.

Take a break from all the sugary additives and fillers of other "Rice Drinks." Ours is
100% Rice Milk, and nothing else! It has a slightly sweet, natural flavor.

Essona Organics Organic Rice Milk Powder is available in a convenient, mixable powder. It isbalanced blend of glucose, maltose and complex carbohydrates, which delivers a steady supply of energy.

100% Vegan, Allergy-Friendly, Lactose-free, Dairy-free, Gluten Free, Kosher, Non-GMO, Sugar Free.

CONTAINS: No Fillers, No Yeast, No Dairy, No Corn, No Sugar, No Wheat, No Preservatives, No GMO, No Soy.

5 Stars
Pricey but Worth It
Creamy, tastes more like cereal milk than actual milk, a little on the grainier side but I love it anyway! Really glad to find RAW plant-based milk powders on Amazon! Very rare! I mixed 3 tbs rice milk + 2 tsp matcha powder + 17 oz water + 1/2 tsp monk fruit powder + a couple drops of vanilla stevia and it turns into an amazing matcha latte :)
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Williamsport, PA. on 3/5/2020
5 Stars
Perfect! Super creamy, NOT grainy once you soak it!
I really love this this rice milk powder! It’s slightly sweet naturally which I love. I love it with coconut milk; the mix tastes super similar to dairy milk! I honestly like it way more than I anticipated.Texture: when soaked it is creamy and luscious. I noticed many commenting it has a thin and grainy texture. There are phytates naturally found in brown rice that give it the grainy texture. If you just add water and stir like the directions say then unfortunately it’s going to be thin and grainy. Store bought rice milk is already soaked from being in Liquid state - That’s why many commenters prefer that texture.How to get creamy texture: Add the amount of powder you want, a pinch of salt, your liquid of choice, mix thoroughly, and allow it to soak. I soak mine in the fridge over night. If you don’t want to use salt, you can use probiotic powder, kefir, yogurt, or an acidic medium. The soaking breaks down the phytates, allows it to thicken, and makes a beautiful, creamy texture and taste that I like wayyyy more than anything I’ve ever bought at the store. No hint of grainy texture or funky bitter earthiness whatsoever.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Raleigh, NC. on 2/22/2020
5 Stars
Surprised me!
I'm the household vegan and it's a bummer to run out of my kinds of milk.I decided to try this even though I had childhood memories of that awful instant cows milk. Remember that horrible burned taste it had? This was nothing like that at all. Since I usually just need a cereal bowl's worth I don't even mix this up by the pitcher full. It dissolves beautifully right in the bowl. Has a fresh sweet flavor, just like rice milk from the store has. Next time I'm trying this brands instant coconut milk. I'm really glad I discovered this product. No, I'm not affiliated with this company at all. It just really is that good ??
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Miami, FL. on 1/3/2020
5 Stars
Good product for travel
I bought this for my toddler as he is allergic to so many things and rice milk is the only thing he can drink that is “like milk”. While it’s double the cost of my store bought rice milk it does the job for travel needs
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Atlanta, GA. on 12/20/2019
5 Stars
Dissolves well
This product dissolved quite well actually. And the color is accurately depicted in the photos. It tastes like rice made into a milk, which is what it is. Good product.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from San Francisco, CA. on 11/23/2019
4 Stars
Beige, grainy, and thin, but tastes good.
As other reviewers have mentioned, when mixed as directed, this rice milk is a translucent yellowish beige color, and is grainy and thin, but, in my opinion, the taste is good. At first, I thought it was simply brown rice flour, but when I tasted the powder, I noticed it has a mild, malty sweetness to it. So, it must actually contain malted brown rice. Add a little cinnamon and leave it in the fridge for a few hours and you will have a very nice horchata, no sugar added! It is ok for my purposes, I mix it 75/25 with my Matcha powder to make my Matcha easier to make, and the malty sweetness complements it nicely. I take one star off because it is grainy, and thin when mixed as directed, and also, the picture of solid white milk on the package is misleading, but I think it is fine that it is beige. There is nothing like it available anywhere else, made only using organic brown rice, so I really do hope the issues get fixed.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Santa Fe, NM. on 9/3/2019
1 Stars
No transparency on where the rice is grown. Is it grown in China?
Reviewed by:  from US. on 10/8/2021

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