Healing with Raw Juices

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Healing with Raw Juices

Juicing with raw fruits and vegetables is a great way to detoxify your body from: foods that you  may have eaten that are unhealthy for you, the harmful effects of air pollution on your body, help fight any illnesses in your body and prevent you from getting any new illness. It also gets rid of excess water that causes belly fat. The 'raw juice diet' consists of using a juicer, filling it with fresh vegetables and fruits that are rich in oxygen and nutrients, making it into juice and drinking it raw. It really tastes great and is a refreshing drink! Healing with raw juices, is pretty easy to do and stick with. All you need to do is make a shopping list of what fruit and vegetables to buy and follow the juice recipes that you can find on the internet or in books. Suggestions of foods that are used to heal a multitude of ailments , and are basically great for you, include: carrots, apples, oranges, kale, swiss chard, lemons and limes.

Many believe juicing and using juice recipes are a new fad but actually eating raw has been around for a very long time. In fact it dates back to ancient Greece. It is said, that Pythagoras, who wrote the famous mathematical theorem, ate raw fruits and vegetables. Hippocrates is famous for being a philosopher and 'the Hippocratic Oath" that was based on the philosophy of 'do no harm'. He was a vegetarian who ate raw too. In 1930, Dr. Kouchakoly deemed the term 'Digestive Leukocytosis' to describe the body's toxic reaction to eating cooked food. He said the body produces more white blood cells,(leukocytes) that cause cancer by attacking your health red blood cells.

In 1982, Dr. William Lee, Ph. D. also shouted the praises of a raw diet in 'The Book of Raw Fruit & Vegetable Juices & Drinks'. He said that refined, white sugar, found in cookies, candies and cakes, was bad for your body. Dr. Lee went on to say that this sugar has no nutritional value at all. When you consume it, your body works hard to get rid of it, making you want it again quickly. Eventually all this sugar damages the body and it begins to produce sugar to compensate.

Juice recipes from Dr. Lee's book include using carrots for: the prostate, menstrual cramps, kidneys (with cranberries), diarrhea, constipation, colitis and circulation. You can add lemon if don't like carrot juice alone. For depression, use leafy vegetables, rich in B vitamins, like kale, spinach or swiss chard. (Sinuses are cleared with lemon, horse radish and carrots. Blemishes take a trip with apples, carrots and cabbage. Cabbage is good with carrots for ulcers, anxiety, indigestion and headache, Spinach and carrot are used for hair loss, hemorrhoids, gout. Cabbage and kale are good for bones and teeth.

Raw sugar is ok and is found at upscale coffee houses like Starbuck's (the brown stuff) and in beets. By eating them (beets) in juice form, you won't crave sweets that cause cancer. You won't want salt either because juicing changes your taste buds. You will lose weight by not eating junk that puts on the weight also. The Gersen Therapy, named after German doctor, Max Gersen, is an alternative therapy diet to fight cancer established in the 40's. Coffee enemas, supplements and juicing are used to cleanse the body of toxins and boost the immune system and stimulate metabolism. Unfortunately, though promising, these treatments were very expensive and could only be done in Costa Rica and Mexico. After Dr. Gersen's death in the late 50's, his work was continued by his daughter. In the 70's, the Gersen Institute was founded in Mexico.

It takes time to achieve the benefits of juicing which is why there are: the 7 day juice diet, the two week juice fast and so on. It is recommended; however that you still eat food but just in mostly raw and steamed form, except for meats. Meat is best kept to a minimum but fish is ok twice a week. For example, you can have cereal or a toasted bagel in the morning, followed by an egg salad, peanut butter and jelly sandwich or tuna salad. For dinner you can eat salsa with cheese over a steamed potatoes. In the evening, make one of the juice recipes, drink and chew your juice, swirling it around in your mouth. You don't need to deprive yourself! As we know dieting doesn't work as we eventually go off it. The most important thing is that you consistently juice daily and eliminate the junk from our life. It is a proven fact that it is easier to kick a habit, replacing it with something else. Don't go cold turkey!


Hippocrates said 'Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine, be thy food!' Juicing is a proven method that truly can heal what ails you. It is a lifestyle and a choice you make consciously to improve yourself and your health. If do these things, your body will thank you by running better and you will reap the rewards by functioning better mentally, emotionally and physically.

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