Almond raw vegan chicken wing pate

Posted by Maria on 5/18/2018 to Diet
1 cup of raw almonds, pre-soaked
4 cups of water
1 tbsp Veganaise
1 tbsp chicken wing sauce
2 pinches salt
1 teaspoon Italian spice mix
1-2 cloves of crushed garlic

Put water and almonds in blender and blend until a milky consistency. Strain with cheesecloth to make the milk. Set milk aside to drink at your leisure. Take remaining mash and add all other ingredients and mix thoroughly. You can add other of your favorite spices. Spread it onto a plate and garnish with olives, cherry tomatoes, avocado, spices, whatever you like! You can spread on crackers, lettuce, etc. the same way you might use hummus or use it as a dip. I use a Vitamix blender on high speed to make it creamy. 

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